Top Best 5 Pay Per Install PPI Sites

Top Best 5 Pay Per Install PPI Sites. Want To Earn Money with pay per install PPI network? Here are top best 5 pay per install (PPI) networks sitesThe affiliate is paid per install of that adware that the PPI site sent themPay Per Install is also known as PPI is way To Earn Money And pay high online By Download Software.

Top Best 5 Pay Per Install PPI Sites. 5 top pay per install affiliate networks For Earn Money Online. The best PPI Netwroks Is Here !

History of the PPI Business 

The Pay-Per-Install business model (PPI) has existed for years. When the PPI business first started, it was used to distribute advertisements. Today it is mainly used to spread spyware and malware. PPI starts with an “affiliate” interested in building a network of infected computers or earning money. The affiliate signs up to a PPI site and receives a file from the PPI provider. The PPI-provided files were originally a variant of adware program. The affiliate “binds” the PPI-provided file with another program that they might host on their site. A binder is a program that can combine the adware provided by the PPI site with a known program. Whoever downloads the program gets the adware installed on their computer. 

The affiliate is paid per install of that adware that the PPI site sent them. PPI Goes From Pushing Adware to Spyware and Malware The PPI business has seen significant and malicious changes over the years. It has gone from having victims unknowingly download and install adware to having them download and install spyware and malware. While some PPI sites are still distributing adware, the majority push malware and spyware to unsuspecting users. These PPI sites create an underground economy that profits from installing malware. This economy is so widespread that there is even a side business selling programs to make it more difficult for computer users to detect that they are installing something malicious. 

What is Pay Per Install?

Pay Per Install Affiliate Networks Sites. Pay Per Install is also known as PPI is way through which publishers or software developers are paid for generating software installations. It is a network for publishers and advertisers who promote downloadable products such as software, games, Firefox add-ons and Chrome extensions.

How Pay Per Install Network Works

All the product in pay per install networks are free to download for the users. However, in the process of downloading and install that they show an advertisement in the form of complementary download offer. That is if you are a software developer and want to share your software for free and at the same time want to make money out of it to keep you going, you can use the pay per install system. They will help you monetize your software or downloads in such way that everybody that tries to install your software will have to complete an offer in form of surveys etc before they can be able to install it, and you are paid every time your software is installed. Although the user has a choice to decline or accept the offer, but when they accept the offer for your program then the software can be installed.

How to Join a Pay Per Install Network

There is no special way of joining a pay per install network. Although some website may require you to apply and they get back to you after reviewing your application some are automatic approval.

Some pay per install networks do not accept all applications, they may reject affiliate marketers who do not have an established distribution channels.

Which Best Pay Per Install Networks To Join

Here our team of experts have searched and researched the whole web to find you the best pay per install networks, and were able to discover a very good number of them. So if you are looking for the Top Best 5 Pay Per Install PPI Sites networks online, the websites below are for you.


They’re helping their affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website or social traffic. CInstaller provides a lot of optimized, high converting software products, landing pages and promo stuff. 


You would be paid via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Wester Union or Bitcoin. All accounts will be paid in US dollars ($US) unless otherwise specified. Minimum payment is only 100$ for wire and WU for the rest 1$.


Installaxy is a Pay-Per-Install network that successfully manages to monetize any website traffic. Installaxy goal is to make sure that you earn the most when using their tools. They are going to help you achieve all your goals and their team would be right behind you, pushing you and helping you to overcome any obstacles you might encounter! Choose from a wide selection of methods and tools including content locker, banners, bundling your software with their installer, or promoting their software along with the installer.


Netowrk has more than 3000 publishers pays NET-7 and minimum payment is from $10 and payment is via Paypal, Payoneer or Bank wire.


Maximize your earnings and get the highest revshare just for start working with us! Distribute our link and get up to 90% of the all earned money. Many payment methods are available and discussable. InstallMania is PPI which is willing to pay high amounts of money for DOWNLOAD traffic. Any download portals with huge list of SW are welcome to join. there are 2 main features of our company: good ratio of installs and eCPM + the highest default rate for webmasters. 


* Amazing eCPM - up to 100$ US traffic, US rate per one install up to $3.28.


Install rates are flexible (Rev Share) and depend on installation of offers bundled with their installer. NetCashRevenue priority is to keep a high prices of installs and optimize the installation process in order to maximize the profits of their affiliates. NCR pay attention to keep the installation ratio very high by using clean, not blacklisted domains and user friendly installation process. For this reason publisher earnings per 1000 unique visitors can be higher than in other networks.


In their network almost each exe download ends with paid installation. For landing pages a typical installation ratio fluctuates between 1:9 and 1:20 depending on traffic quality. It means up to 110 installations from 1000 unique visitors redirected from affiliate to their landing page.


CPA, PPD and PPI, those are ways how you can use PureBits to make you money. Pay Per Install was added recently and You can sign up with their PPI services and their team will make sure that everything goes smooth and perfect. With their service, you do not have to feel worried when planning your Pay Per Install affiliate marketing program.After you have figured out what sort of contents you wish to upload for your PPI program.


After 3 months of well provided traffic you would reach NET7 and after 4 months once you make over 200USD you would get paid every 2 weeks. Payments are sent via Payoneer, Paypal or bank wire and minimum payment is $50. There are some other criteria for payment so please check their website.

We shall keep you update on more pay per install networks online so make sure to visit this page regularly for more. Until then wish you all the best on which ever website you choose to join among the top best pay per install networks. 

Conclusion To protect your computer and your company from these types of threats, your organization needs to have strong Information Technology (IT) policies and user education in place. IT policies should not allow any kind of peer-to-peer (P2P) usage because file sharing can easily lead to the downloading of malicious files. Users should also be prohibited from installing pirated or unlicensed software, as this software often contains malware.

Use caution when using search engines to find software downloads. Only download software from reputable sites, as SEO techniques are often used to display malicious download sites in search engine rankings. 

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