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Ezoic Review | Double Your Ad Revenue with Adsense Certified Program. Ezoic is a website improvement program that will help you boost blog ad revenue to earn more revenue about 50% to 200% via Google Adsense by optimizing your ads, ad sizes, and ad placements automatically. An optimizing blog is not only sufficient to maximize your Adsense revenue but optimizing ad slots, ad formats & placements are also considerably important. Besides, there are lots of bloggers or site developers failed to do it effectively. And hence Ezoic review will explain you everything that you need to know about ad optimization.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is one of a few AdSense certified partners that offers an ad testing and optimization software platform. It was founded by Dwayne Lafleur and John Cole. It’s self-directed, which means testing and optimization is done via software, not manual implementation. That said, the customer service and support is excellent.
On the date this Ezoic review was published, Ezoic reports its system has handled 214,865,798 website visitors (last month alone), 7,380 improved websites based on an average 140% increase in revenue and average 41% user experience improvement (source). That’s impressive.

Requirements for a Publisher to Join Ezoic

Ezoic follows a technology that mediates between the website and its visitors. It takes less than 5 minutes to signup with the platform by simply filling out a registration form in its web portal. I don’t see any minimum traffic requirement for a publisher which needs to be adhere to get accepted on Ezoic’s platform. However, since the entire process is automated, testing with 1000s of ad combinations, I’d suggest your site to have at least 5,000-10,000 views a day to see substantial revenue uplift.
FYI, the Ezoic founders are also serious website publishers. They have some websites they own that gets some serious traffic so they know firsthand what it’s like to be a website publisher monetizing with ads.
Ezoic is a website improvement platform based in Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, US. It’s the first largest automated testing platform and only technology based Google Adsense Certified Partner for content publishers. As because of enormously knowledgeable & conversant about online advertising they are selected for Google Adsense partnership. And so publishers are getting amazing results in their estimated earnings.

Ezoic Review – My personal experience

How I got a 50% boost in ad income & more traffic by website optimization and monetization with Ezoic. And I don’t hesitate to tell you that this Ezoic definitely help in increasing your Adsense earnings by 200%. Following chart shows daily earnings – it was previously around 0.50$ to 1.50$, and now it has boosted from 1.50$ to 3$ daily. It’s working as they told. And lots of publishers telling me positive reviews about Ezoic with the productive result they got in a short period of time. I tested Ezoic with 4 other websites and all are making extra money with Adsense account

Ezoic is the first and one of the kind technology based certified partner of Google Adsense. It is a website improvement program that would help its publishers earn 50-200% revenue through Google Adsense by optimizing ad placements on websites automatically.

 How Does it Work

Optimizing blogs are just not sufficient to maximize Adsense revenue, but publishers need to optimize their as slots, ad placements and formats to realize actual income. Ezoic is the best platform that allows its publishers to gain extra earning through ads without affecting website performance while concurrently enhancing user engagements. Most bloggers concentrate on site content, content marketing a content optimization, but fail to concentrate on ad sizes, location, format and color on the web page. This is where Ezoic takes over and it performs all ad optimization by itself and also tests it automatically to improve the click through rate of the website.

Ezoic offers ad testing platform for its publishers, using this platform a publisher is powered to test both layouts and ad positions of the website so as to maximize their revenue. 

  • It helps publishers to test thousands of ad positions on the publisher’s website layout and on new layouts so help them earn double the average.
  • Testing new layouts helps in enhancing user experience through page visits, page views, bounce rates etc.
  • Improved user experiences results in improved search engine traffic and rankings.
  • It uses the best practice to enhance the speed of e website through its servers at 4 data centers around the world and CDN at 28 locations.
  • The system is non-intrusive and is completely automated, publishers do not have to do much work as Ezoic caters to all the technical aspects. If a publisher is not happy with its service, they are free to quit the service and their website would return to its normal layout, they would also get their fee refunded for the remaining time.

Tools which you can Use at Ezoic- 
AdTester- Utilize the advanced ad tester tool to find the best ad locations and sizes. According toEzoic this can increase your ad revenue by 50-100%. However, if you have an already optimized ad layout, ad tester may not help you reach 50% increase, but definitely 25-30% increase which is again great! Ad Tester lets you create ad placements (each ad placement might test 100s of combinations of ad sizes, types, colours). You may create 8 ad placements and let the system test the various placements. Additionally you can set Google anchor ads and enable in-line ads (Infolinks).  The Ad tester also lets you create native ad units (vertical/horizontal) along with link units.
DoubleClick AdExchange- Since this gives you access to access to a pool of premium advertisers, you can achieve a CPM uplift of 30-40%.
Ad Mediation- Link your existing ad network accounts and direct ad deals and have them all compete for your inventory.
Apart from these you can have a multiple number of apps, (mostly created if you’re going to opt for layout testing)

Payment Structure and Payout

Ad monetization tools of Ezoic make use of artificial intelligence to optimize the website CPMs and displays the highest paying Adsense Ads on the website. All empty boxes and blank spaces in the website are removed so as to not lose even a single impression. Thus it helps in enhancing the website Ad revenue and helps its publishers earn through its affiliate program as well. Publishers would be credited with a sale immediately when somebody starts using Ezoic on the publisher’s website.
The minimum payment threshold is $20 and it accepts a number of payment methods. The Preferred payment portal is Payoneer where money gets deposited into the recipient’s domestic bank account, Through PayPal, Check and through Dwolla ID.

Why Use Ezoic To Increase Website Ad Revenue?

  • Extensive optimization testing (across desktop, mobile and tablets).  In the introduction above, I wrote that testing is tedious these days because you must test ad optimization across 3 types of devices.  Desktop ad configuration will not necessarily be the best configuration on mobile and tablets.  This is tedious work. Ezoic’s testing platform tests automatically on all 3 devices.
  • Possible user experience and/or revenue improvement.  I say “possible” because it may or may not improve your site’s performance.  They’ve helped a lot of website publishers so it’s a proven service.  All I can say is it’s worth trying.  If it helps your site, that can result in a lot of revenue for your over the years.
  • Fantastic reporting.  When I used Ezoic, the reporting was bad.  Since then they’ve dramatically improved their reporting options.  You can now track revenue and EPMV (earnings per 1,000 visitors) by traffic source, on a URL by URL basis, country, traffic source and device.
  • Uses CDN servers – Helps to improve site loading speed.
  • Ad Position Testing – Helps publishers to recover lost revenue.
  • Create & test new layouts – Helps to improve page views.
  • Website optimization – Helps to improve the user experience.
  • Asynchronous Ad loading – Helps to improve user integration.
  • More page views + better user experience = drive more traffic – Helps to improve PR [search ranking].
  • Automatic Ad Optimization & Monetization – Helps to earn more than double on an average.

Is Ezoic Trusted?

It is a great question because you will be going to give your website and AdSense control to Ezoic. So, the answer is: Ezoic is 100% trusted. There are a lot of competitors of ezoic but I written ezoic review because It is the official partner of Google AdSense. You can see the tag of Certified Partner with their name. Also here is the list of Google Certified Ad Partners. I try my best to provide you the best content. And that is the reason of Ezoic Review.
The hardest criterion to rate is effectiveness. By effectiveness I’m referring to Ezoic’s ability to improve your site’s performance (increase revenue and/or improve user experience). Ezoic has improved performance for over 7,300 sites, some with really impressive revenue increases. Therefore, I rate them highly. However, if they don’t improve your site’s performance, obviously it’s not good.
I’m currently using Ezoic. This is my second go-around with the service. I decided to use them again because they’re completely revamped their offerings. Now I have far more control over site design and ad placement – yet enjoy all of their benefits (see below).
Overall, Ezoic is worth trying. If it doesn’t help your site, stop the service. If it does help, it could put a lot of dollars into your pocket.

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