How to Change MAC Address on Android Phones

    Spoofing Mac Address on Android Devices Guide

    How To change mac address, Spoof MAC Address on Android Guide. Even though MAC address is embedded on the hardware device during manufacture, it can still be spoofed to input a new one of your choice. Here is a detailed instruction on how to spoof MAC address on your Android phone. It is still possible to change your MAC address. Below is a step by step instructions to temporarily change android MAC address root access: Get to know the MAC Address of your phone.
    This tutorial is just for change mac address temporarily therefore whenever you will reboot your device you will need to go through the steps below again. you will learn Before you spoof the MAC address, you need to record the original/current MAC address of your device which can be done according to the instruction below.

    What Is Mac Address

    To temporarily change android MAC address without rooting the first thing you need is to know that What Is MAC address?
    A media access control address (MAC address) of a device is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller (NIC) for communications at the data link layer of a network segment. MAC addresses are used as a network address for most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi. In this context, MAC addresses are used in the medium access control protocol sublayer.

    A network node may have multiple NICs and each NIC must have a unique MAC address. Sophisticated network equipment such as a multilayer switch or router may require one or more permanently assigned MAC addresses.

    MAC addresses are most often assigned by the manufacturer of a network interface card (NIC) and are stored in its hardware, the card’s read-only memory, or some other firmware mechanism. If assigned by the manufacturer, a MAC address usually encodes the manufacturer’s registered identification number and may be referred to as the burned-in address. It also be known as an Ethernet hardware address (EHA), hardware address or physical address. A network node may have multiple NICs and will then have one unique MAC address per NIC

    Can you change MAC address on Your Android Phone?

    All MAC addresses are hard-coded into a network card and can never be changed. However, you can change or spoof the MAC address in the operating system itself using a few simple tricks.  To answer your question directly, this can’t be done permanently. While you may be able to change the Mac address using a terminal under chroot of another install os within Android, this still is temporary. Even in the Android ecosystem alone it isn’t possible to spoof your mac address correctly without proper rooting.
    So why would you want to change your MAC address? Well there are many reasons for this, mostly related to bypassing some kind of MAC address filter set on a modem, router or firewall.

    Is it illegal to spoof a MAC address?

    Some networks restrict access to a list of predefined Mac-addresses. In most countries it is illegal to spoof your Mac-address and enter such networks. The spoofing itself is not the problem. Although in court some judges rule that it might indicate you were preparing a crime. So you have to have a legitimate reason to do so. the client is not the only person who can spoof his or her MAC address to gain access to the ISP.

    Check The MAC address Of Your Android Device:

    How to find MAC Address on Android Phone? The menu screens for a specific Android phone may vary slightly in terminology, However the instructions to find out MAC Address on Android Phone and tablets are almost the same.
    You need to check out your MAC Address first on your Android device, for this, you have to tap on Menu > Settings > About device > MAC Address.
    • On the Home Screen of your phone, tap Menu button and go to Settings.
    • Tap About Device and go to Status
    • Now scroll down to record the 12-digit code shown under Wi-Fi Mac address. An address would read something like:
      Example MAC address: E5:12:D8:E5:69:97

    1. Requirements for Spoofing the MAC Address

    2. Steps To Change MAC Address Of Android:

    • Step 1. First of all, you need to root your Android device, if you have not rooted your Android yet, you can head to the complete rooting process here.
    • Step 2. Now in your Android, download and install the app BusyBox.
    • Step 3. Now after installing Busybox, install the Terminal in your Android.
    Follow the instructions below to spoof your MAC address After This Process. 
    Step 4. Now open the terminal and type su and press enter. It will ask you for superuser access grant it. If you want to see your current MAC address, then type “busybox iplink show eth0″ and press enter.
      1. Open the Terminal app and type the commands as listed below:
        $ su [HIT ENTER]
        $ busybox iplink show eth0 [HIT ENTER]
        (This will show your current MAC address, just for your confirmation)
      1. Now, type the following command:
        $ busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX [HIT ENTER]
        (In the above command, replace XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with your new MAC address)
      1. You have now spoofed your MAC address successfully. To check for change enter the following command again:
        $ busybox iplink show eth0 [HIT ENTER]
        (Now you should see your new MAC address)
    That’s it ! you have successfully changed your Android MAC address. You can check your new MAC Address by just typing ” busy box link show eth0 ” in Terminal.

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